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Hello there! I'm thrilled that you've decided to pop in! Welcome to Wild Ridge Designs, wedding coordination and rental design based in the North Georgia area. 

Pinning dresses, chasing down that wandering groomsman, + operating as your walking timepiece since 2014. 




Hello!  My name is Makenzie Robertson (Spivey), owner of Wild Ridge Designs.  Equipped with over seven years of experience in the wedding event industry, I am committed to you and your wedding day ideas and can’t wait to create the wedding of your dreams. Before, during, and after your wedding, I’ll be your advocate, your cheerleader, and ultimately your friend.  Leave all the small details to me right down to carrying your lipstick, providing that last minute pep talk or distracting Aunt Susan.  On  your wedding day, I will be the last one reminding you to enjoy the moment as you take your last walk as a single woman, and the first one to hug and squeal with you as a brand new bride. It is genuinely my greatest joy! 

Let's make your wedding binder dreams come true! 

Interested in the history behind my business name, Wild Ridge Designs?  Click the box below!  

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Love the personal, handwritten details? Add any welcome signs, name plates, seating chart, menu signs, or my personal favorite, 8 foot donut wall to your coordination package. Let's chat and see what you need!



Was your wedding affected by COVID-19? Me too. Click below to read about my experience!




Beautiful summer wedding at Ogletree Estates. The rain CERTAINLY couldn't  distract from the beauty of this couple! 


“Makenzie was a literal dream to have for our wedding. Going into the wedding, I was sure I would be one of those “I don’t need a coordinator because I got this all down” brides. Well, I knew what I wanted, but it truly takes an expert to make it come to fruition, and Makenzie was our expert. We had our scheduled meetings before the wedding where we discussed plans in a way that didn’t make it feel overwhelming. In addition to those meetings, she was extremely prompt in responding to emails, and then closer to the wedding, my texts! On one of our last meetings we made a “day of” schedule that she worked with my photographers to do...something I feel like a lot of coordinators would hesitate to do. Makenzie told me there was not one person who needed to worry about time except for her...she was going to be the ring leader and get everyone where they needed to be, at the right time. She fulfilled that promise tenfold. I’m one of those people that gets extremely anxious about being on time and when I tell you I didn’t worry ONCE on my wedding day, I mean it. Makenzie gave me the comfort of staying wrapped up in the moment and not checking my time, ever, during the day. Just like she said they would, people would be in the places they needed to be, at the right times. After the fact, I even asked my family and friends if our ceremony started on time because I never felt rushed and also never felt like I was just waiting... of course, we started right on time for our sunset “I Dos.”


I assumed the most important part of coordination was leading up to the ceremony, but Makenzie kicked butt during the dinner and reception! I had a surprise planned to play my guitar and sing for my husband that not one person in the entire wedding knew about. Makenzie took this and my surprise could not have been more seamless. Another thing I didn’t have to worry about. Then, during dinner, she personally asked us what drinks we wanted from the bar, since she knew our attention would be stolen immediately. When our drinks were empty, she would appear out of nowhere (even in the middle of the dance floor) and asked us if we wanted a refill, all while cleverly keeping our hands always occupied with a full glass of water in between 😉 haha! Each portion of the reception (speeches, dances, cake cutting, etc...) flowed so well, and she was SURE none of it would cut into the fun! 


Makenzie kept my day running seamlessly. I am telling you there is no way a designated friend or family member could have held everything together the way she did. There are too many moving parts to the day and there’s nothing better than knowing it is in the hands of someone making it their sole responsibility of having it run smoothly. I felt so blessed to have Makenzie, and I even felt bonded to her for the fact that she made everything play out in ways I couldn’t even dream up in my wedding binder. A million thanks can’t cover it for her, which is why I can only speak to the amazing experience I had, in hopes all of you are lucky enough to have her for your wedding! I PROMISE she is worth it!”  - Victoria

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