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Once upon a time, back in my single days, I lived with the most wonderful 5 ladies in a little house tucked away in Dahlonega, Georgia. The most treasured of days were spent with these women, and we deemed ourselves "The Women of the Ridge." During that time, I worked through my hardest college years, spent a year teaching amazing students, managed two wedding venues, graduated college, and started dating my husband. Nothing felt more right than to forever commemorate our sweet house off of Wild Ridge Lane. Peep the original 6 Ridge Women down below and how big our family has grown! (...and yes...we have a Jeff Foxworthy cut out and he attends every Ridge function. It's ok to judge. Feel free to check out his instagram page: @cardboard_jeff)

My love of organization, lists, and stationary is as deeply rooted as breathing! I tripped and fell into this industry and have never been more thankful for a stumble in my life. What started as a weekend job at a wedding venue turned into my dream career. I was venue manager and wedding coordinator at 2 venues in the past 6 years and learned more about the wedding industry than I ever thought possible! This familiarity with all aspects of a wedding day is invaluable as I manage your day!  

A few fun facts: My husband and I met in 2nd grade. Needless to say, he has the patience of a saint. (I know, I know...someone call Hallmark. ) COVID-19 impacted our originally planned wedding and we were married under a beautiful tree outside our church building and celebrated with our closest family and friends (and Jeff of course). What a precious opportunity to treasure marriage above my plans and desires! We have a daughter, Elsie, and she is the greatest gift! I graduated from the University of North Georgia with a degree in Music Education and still love to celebrate my love of music by teaching private lessons. My "watch on repeat forever and ever" TV show is Gilmore Girls, the Mamma Mia movie soundtrack is my playlist of choice, my most read books are The Giver series,  and I have an embarrassingly large collection of coffee mugs.

I can't wait to get to know YOU!

these are a few of my favorite things...

"Makenzie! Didn't want to let any more time pass before telling you THANK YOU a million times over for all of your help, kindness, and organization for our wedding on 8/4. I must have told everyone who would listen how wonderful you are. Seriously you made our experience what was (totally perfect!) - I know it's your job, but you really made me feel like your only bride and were an absolute joy to be around too. Thank you thank you for being so good at your job and also just generally a wonderful person. We are all so grateful for you!

Thank you!!"

                                    - Jennifer

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