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"I'm convinced that a great coordinator is the best secret weapon to a wonderful wedding day, and needless to say, Makenzie should be your weapon of choice. Makenzie was there to address every detail throughout the day. She coordinated with our vendors, appeased family and guests, and make a point to check in intentionally and often to make sure my husband and I were doing well throughout the day. Every single moment seemed to effortlessly flow into the next without feeling rushed or rigid. Her ability to create a concise yet comfortable schedule is unmatched and something that I now have longed for as a guest at other weddings. Seriously, having Makenzie as your coordinator will change your outlook on weddings! 

Sometimes when I talk with other women, they say they would never relive their wedding day because it was so stressful, chaotic, overwhelming, etc. Not once did I feel that way, and for that I can thank Makenzie. I cannot recommend her enough. She is truly gifted in this way and any couple who gets to work with her will be better for it."

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